My Hootsuite Platform Certification Betsy Stopher

What Did I learn?

To begin, I learned a lot from Hootsuite. There was a lot of jargon, so learning terms and words exclusively used by Hootsuite is what I learned the most.

What Was My Favorite Lesson/Topic?

My favorite lesson was in the first course when the video tutorials talked about streams and tabs. I really liked that section because it made the most sense to me in terms of how to use it and why those parts of Hootsuite are very important.

What Are Some Things You Thought Were Beneficial? What could be improvements?

I thought it was all beneficial, but I felt during the entire video tutorials that the narrators kept trying to sell the viewer to buy the course pack. They kept using descriptive language that sellers frequently use and gave reasons why their certification was so good. If we're viewing the videos, then that's a good sign we already bought the certification to take. I also thought that by using descriptive language my attention span shrunk. I like to get to the nitty gritty when learning about easy topics like Hootsuite versus rocket science (where descriptive language is appreciated), so I didn't like how long it took to actually hear the important information.

Uses After Course

I'm going to use tips learned from this online course for the real-world whenever I get a job that requests I know how to work Hootsuite. I'm going to use my knowledge of how to compose a message to my social networks and how to share analytic boards.


I'm not sure I'd recommend this program to other students and classes solely because I feel a lot of things you have to learn in the real-world and from experience. I can take this certification and pass, but do I really know how to do the functions of Hootsuite when the time comes? Some things are best gained through experience only.

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