BrainPOP Jr. Better than ever!

  • BrainPOP Jr. is now fully accessible on iPad and other tablets by opening it up using the Safari or Chrome browser. It has the same look as the computer version with all the features.
  • Students can access their class accounts using individual logins provided by their teacher.
  • Teachers can now make assignments in BrainPOP Jr. and students can submit their work to their teacher online. No more printing!
  • The BrainPOP Jr. App still works as before, providing only movies and practice quizzes.
Login to BrainPOP Jr. on a tablet using the browser (Safari or Chrome) for full access.

Why is BrainPOP Jr. such a valuable teaching resource?

1. Building student vocabulary is reinforced in multiple ways.

Use closed captioning to promote better student understanding.
Built in glossary.

2. Writing is promoted in most activities too.

Activities that promote creativity and collaboration.
Tools to promote student independence.

3. Go beyond the quiz by allowing students the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding with art and mind maps.

Express learning with art.

Make-A-Map is a wonderful organizational and assessment tool offering a lot of flexibility. Whether your student needs to make a graphic organizer, timeline or map out a process, all of these and more can be created with this tool. Younger student's needs are met with the ready-made templates and click-and-drag icons. Older students will love being able to express themselves uniquely with all the available options. Students can even save their work in progress. To learn more, click HERE.

Make a quick chart using the Ready-Made templates, keywords & images.
Or create your own custom map layout.

Student practice is now FUN!

Games can be assigned or selected. (Some games do not work on tablets.)

Manage assignments digitally - no nameless papers, no lost papers, no need for lots of printing.

It's easy to track student progress on assignments.

You can even quickly assess class understanding and misconceptions.

It is easy to analyze class quiz results.

You can learn more about managing your BrainPOP teacher account by clicking HERE. You will find video tutorials as well as written guides.

You are not in this alone. I will gladly co-teach with you to introduce your students to the features included in the classroom account.

Looking for lessons for specific standards? I have BrainPOP Jr. movies organized by grade, subject and WV standards in an easy to use PDF format. Email me to receive yours.

Sample of BrainPOP Jr. Activities list by standard

Are you a visual learner? Here's a list of movies for Math and ELA.

"Choosing an Operation" is a KEY lesson for 3rd & 4th grades.
"Place Value" is a KEY lesson.
"Solving Word Problems" is a KEY lesson.

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