An Experience BTT1O Culminating Portfolio

An experience that lasts forever is one that is constantly relived, enjoyed or despised, and even one that is a mirror to the song of life. In here, the first half of my year at Northview Heights Secondary School and my lingering thoughts about it will be documented in a short video, in three posts, through a Google Sites Extension, and in a reflection of my term work.

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. " -- Harriet Tubman

Posts and Videos

The above video is a collection of lessons I have learned in becoming a high school student. Northview Heights is an excellent portrait to use to exemplify the untouched meaning that is present.

Capable of being the saddest, or the cruelest, and quite possibly the happiest, an experience is never set in stone like a story. But like one, it touches dimensions hidden from the human eye and if taken to extremes can soar to an infinite blue, skipping away so as long as there are pages to write. Chapters are always being added - and my time in high school is just one of them.
Timeless is slightly faded, but no matter how erased it becomes, the idea of "companionship" is everlasting. During the course of these six months, I have met some potential long-lasting friends: some that I consult for guidance, and others as people to confide in. Some will leave, and others will stay; and at the end of this race, those that are still by my side will be timeless companions.
"School is boring". But this can be turned around by spicing it with one's passions; in other words, turning school into an extension of one's home. Not only will the addition of interests colour one's skies, but will brighten their world view. My time at Northview has both affirmed or down-voted my passions: and computer technology is now one of them. Although now ending, it has proved to me that life truly does become brighter with passion.
"Arise! Awake! and stop not until the goal is reached." -- Swami Vivekananda

Three Best/Favourite Assignments

This assignment is an example of good work because it taps into a transformation from independent, personal input to a team-based dimension. The user-friendly interface of Google Slides allowed me to combine the skills obtained from Publisher, Word, Prezi, and Excel with a frame by frame approach.

This task merged organizational, research, and application skills. In here, I was able to manage a large mass of information from many sources and to extend, make graphic through tables and charts, and to make connections to them as a Canadian citizen. Thus, this is a good example of my best work.

Quizlet gave me a chance to prepare for the BTT1O exam with a dual purpose: for familiarizing myself with its conventions, and for having access to content defined and verified by my classmates. I liked this small project because it outlined the obscure parts of the course material in an interactive, and entertaining way. This is representative of my best work because it is relevant, developed, and arranged in a presentable format without any significant errors.

"Don't dream your life, live your dreams." --Anonymous

Personal Portfolio on Google Sites

This is a link that leads to a more detailed examination of myself and my peers throughout the course of this subject. As a prelude, there will be an extended profile of my work, a review of assignments, and several related media outlets.

"Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream." -- Khalil Gibran
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