Collaborative & Interpersonal Skills Professor Interview

Dr. Hobbs is my microeconomics professor, and I decided to interview him because I am not very familiar with economics. I thought seeing his view on things, and learning about his life/job would be very interesting, and it was.

These are the questions that I asked my professor. He was very understanding, and had no problems answering any of these questions for me.


Professors always teach students new things in class, but outside of class visiting a professor can be a great way to learn more about their lives, and their jobs.

As I said before, I chose Dr. Hobbs because I was interested in his views about economics because I am not familiar with economics like he is. I knew interviewing him would be a great experience. I can tell that he loves his job, and he loves working with students, so some of these answers he gave me weren't very surprising. On the other hand when he told me he went to two florida colleges I was surprised because he doesn't seem like the florida type. I learned from his answers that college is hard, but if you set your mind to something (a career) like he did you can accomplish it. Earlier in the semester Dr. Hobbs and I weren't friendly, but during this interview I noticed that he is a very friendly person to get along with. I have realized that professors aren't just professors, but that they are people too. They have lives just like students do. They have been through the same processes we are going through, and they can relate to us in so many ways.


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