My Good Life Nature Activity Elsbeth Waskom

Nature on Display

The exhibit that captured my full attention was the Calusa Hut. The exhibit was a frozen scene that depicted a traditional greeting between leaders. The exhibit was the most appealing because as soon as I entered it, I felt as if I was frozen in time with them. I felt comfortable. When I think of the past, I generally think of rigidity. However, when I stepped foot into the hut, I felt as if it were sincere and necessary. The creativity of the exhibits, like the aforementioned, drew my attention and allured me into the vast aspects of nature and the past.

Nature and Ethics

The museum put me through a roller-coaster of emotions at one point. I turned a corner and found myself in an exhibit of skeletons. Models of extinct creatures filled the walls, hung from the ceiling, and stood posed in the center of the room. Initially, I was mesmerized but a sense of sorrow soon followed. Whether because of natural selection, or human ignorance, many species are extinct or being hunted to that point. It made me wonder how long it will be until the animals that I watch in admiration will also be in an exhibit of the past. Shortly after exiting the exhibit, I found myself in a hall of laboratories. There were big glass windows that allowed you to look in and peer at the scientist exploring their curiosity. The sight gave me hope that someone like them is working to protect nature and all those who call it home.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The museum transformed a building into an experience of nature. I find it so easy to lose myself in the comfort of a somewhat functional but unreliable air conditioned space I call my dorm. The museum was a reminder of the beauty that nature and its different ecosystems have to offer. The exhibits intrigued me with their complexity and convinced me that it is my obligation as a human to explore. I crave adventures where I encounter wild beasts, from a safe distance, where I can observe them in a natural setting. The museum helped me understand the innocence of nature and the diverse puzzles that wait to be solved. The butterflies, mammals, birds, and fish all roam carelessly and beautifully. After my experience at the museum, I felt as if I had briefly experienced them all.

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