PAX By: Sara Pennypacker


by : Julia Kim

If you act a wrong or way or make a wrong decision, it doesn't define you nor your future.

This theme relates to to many characters in the story. One character that relates this theme isPet er. This relates to Peter because even though he left his beloved pet fox in the woods, it didn't define him as a horrible person, because he still went back for Pax. This theme also relates to Vola because, even though she killed someone in war, doesn't been she does that to people where ever she goes. This theme also relates to Bristle. It relates to her because even though she despises Pax, and treated him unfairly, it doesn't mean that Bristle hates everyone, and doesn't trust anyone except her brother, but towards the end of the book, she trusts all of the animals in the wild, including Pax.

Wrong act
doesn't equal to...
Your future

A quote that supports this theme is, "You going for your home or for your pet.", "There the same thing." This develops the theme because even though Peter left his pet he is going to go back for it instead of ignoring his pet.

Another quote that develops the theme is, “I am exactly where I should be, doing exactly what I should be doing. That is peace." This quote develops the theme because even though she killed a man she isn't going around places doing the wrong act everywhere else and changing her future into being a bad person, but instead she is living in the wild as wood carver.


A symbol that symbolizes this quote is the toy solider that Peter threw in the wild for Pax. It symbolizes the quote because the toy solider symbolizes his relationship with Pax. When Peter threw the ball, Pax fetched the ball and really loved playing it with Peter, which means that their relationship is very strong. Though when Peter threw it in the wild and left, he still came back for him and wants to have the same relationship and love he had before. This means that Peter is not a bad person and forgets every good memory with his fox, but instead is anxious to keep making memories.

Toy Soilder
Thank You

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