Pedernales Falls State Park january, twenty seventeen

My friend, Bela, and I planned this impromptu trip earlier during the week and what a great trip it was! We hiked and took in the beautiful nature around us. Not a moment wasted! It was the beginning of a new year and we both needed a break from the city life and this was just the perfect opportunity to do so. We left our woes in Houston and started our drive towards Austin, bright and early, at 7a.

Greetings! We've reached Johnson City, TX
Ready for our hike to see the Falls
Having a moment to myself
Trying different poses with Bela's direction

Bela and I had so much fun that we've decided to make this a monthly thing. Who knew getting out of the city could have such a cathartic effect on us, city gals?!

The desert-like feel to Pedernales
The awe-inspiring calmness and beauty around us

Hope you loved my pictures. There's also a video that goes with it. If you wanna see it, just ask! I'll check in after my next adventure. Bye! 🌎🙏🏼✌🏽

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