Between Sides Reflection Journal 2, Jan 24-26

"Between Sides" by Gregory Scofield was an eye-opening poem. The author himself was intriguing. Being half-Scotthish, half-Cree and homosexual, he never had a true, complete identity in the groups he desired. By studying the life of the poet, I found I was able to grasp even more of the emotions poured into the poem, and appreciate his word choice and the overall tone that was used.

The class brought up the idea of the last two lines may have been skeptical. "I move in-between / Careful not to shame either side." Whenever I analyzed the poem, I read it strictly as Scofield being cautious, knowing that if he offended one branch of his heritage, there would be no chance of reconciliation. The second interpretation of Scofield being bitter once again proves the loss of his identity. Readers are unable to agree on if he is being sincere or spiteful in his poem. Personally, I would rather believe that Scofield was genuinely attempting to appear more neutral in an attempt to stop his words from offending or hurting any of his readers.


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