Timeline On The Advances In Educational Technology By: Liezel Marie gepiga-outlaw

A horn book is a primer that provides instruction in the rudiments or basic skills of a branch of knowledge (www.audioenglish.org/dictionary/hornbook.htm). In the mid 16th century, it was used as a tool for teaching in schools. It was an ABC book with a single page. The advantage was that it was used as an alternative for paper or textbooks. Paper was very costly during that time period. But one disadvantage of a wooden horn book was that it made a great paddle for discipline! (Russell, 2009). Another disadvantage was that, it did not offer enough resources for students.

A chalk board is the most familiar tool used in school during the old and recent age. Many Asian countries still rely on the chalk board when teaching. One of its advantage is it never disappear, it remains useful. One disadvantage is, it cost more time when teachers had to write the materials on the board first before they can start the lecture.

A pencil is another tool for study that is still essential in recent times. It was invented in 1795 by a French scientist named Nicolas-Jacques Conte (www.brainpickings.org/2013/06/24/history-of-the-penc...) One advantage of using a pencil is its capability to erase mistaken writings. The disadvantage in its accessibility is always need to be sharpened.

According to an article "THE HISTORY OF EDUCATIONAL TELEVISION--1932-1958 (PH.D. THESIS," an educational television was predicted to alleviate the shortage of teachers and buildings. It might also helped improved in teaching (Zaitz, 1960). Yes! they were right. It did helped improve in a classroom. However, it is not guaranteed that every student has the same visual learning ability.

An Apple iPad was released on 2010. It was and is very useful in a classroom since it has a virtual keyboard and a multi-touch screen monitor. Through this instrument, students will be able to surf the internet to find essential information particularly when conducting research on a subject. Still, it has its own disadvantage. Some students cannot afford t buy it. Then, schools are making it accessible for all students for no charge but some students are using it unwisely. Instead of using it for study, they use it for games and social networking. Educational technology keeps evolving but it gets costly. The recent technological advancement is very helpful for both students and teachers. There are adequate technology resources existed that would help in learning. However, students capability to learn are not based on these resources. Different student have different mental ability.


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