Self-Design 2


My goal was to see whether or not limiting the amount of video games I played during the school week (compared to last semester) would have a positive effect on my grades this semester. I tested this by setting a time limit on how long I could play video games on a school weekday and watched how it affected my grades this semester.

A picture of my PS4 in my dorm room which me and my roommate use to play video, watch Netflix, and YouTube videos. (The batteries were needed because we played so much that the controllers died often)
Games I spent numerous hours playing last semester.
We also play games and watch movies on my next door neighbor's Xbox. (Bobby playing Grand Theft Auto V on Adam's Xbox)
By limiting or eliminating video games from my routine I could focus on studying and homework. (Some of my textbooks from this semester)
Mandatory Study session
My grades in my Political Science class
My grades in my Political Theory class


To test this theory I limited myself to playing videogames for only one hour on a week day. Last semester on many occasions I would play video games for hours when I got out of class and it ended up causing me to neglect my out-of-class assignments which caused my grades to suffer. Videogames are a good way to pass the time and a way to take your mind off of things, however they are very good at distracting from your priorities if done in excess. Last semester me and my friends on my hall played videogames so much that we constantly had to run to the store to keep replenishing our battery supply for the game controllers. This semester I decided that I was not going to repeat this trend. I only played video games when I didn’t have homework or when I was done with my assignments for the week. Another strategy I and many of my friends who hung out in Adam’s room incorporated this semester were playing in shifts. For example, while I and my roommate played a game of NBA 2K, everybody else would be doing their homework, then when our game was over the next two up would play their game and I would begin or continue doing my homework. It was the same way whenever two people would be playing Call of Duty Zombies. Two played while everybody else worked, or in the case of Grand Theft Auto V, which is a single player game, one person would play their turn and the rest of us would do our work until it was our turn. What we would also do in special cases where there was something special coming on that night that we all wanted to watch, we would have mandatory homework time in Adam’s room where no one was allowed to play video games, watch the TV (which was off), or do anything distracting while we were in study time. Everybody had their headphones in and were all focused on completing our work in an effort to be free to all watch whatever was coming on that night. Looking back on it, I’d say that the implementation of these strategies was a good and fair compromise. We still had plenty of fun times playing video games and watching Netflix but we also got or work done when we needed to and that is what was most important.

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