My Utopia David michaels

Myth: Our civilization is the best in the world, the people outside our city walls are barbaric uncivilized humans that have no education. This Utopia is the highest among the highest and everyone wants to live here.

Language: We communicate through a language that substitutes symbols for letters and have their own sound.

Food supply: Farmers are government employees, and all the food they produce goes to a stock pile where it is distributed evenly to the people.

Religion: Our religion is Christian and our people are legally obliged to follow the golden rules.

Economics: No private businesses. Good ideas are funded by the government and made into businesses, once money is earned by the company, It is given to the government and the business. So basically Communism.

Government: Triarchy Three people rule government.

Culture: Technology that is not made by the government Is illegal. We invent Robot that can think. Our culture is very High tech, clean and educated.

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