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Alejandra Viana is a fashion designer turned entrepreneur. She launched her clothing company Leg Candy Apparel at age 20 in 2010. As a young entrepreneur, she was faced with many challenges that she conquered with hands-on training and real world experiences. Having her own business gave her insight into her innate skills and interests. This realization led her to continue expanding her knowledge by getting her BA in Marketing at California State University Fullerton, Class of 2017. Since Leg Candy, Alejandra has been experimenting in various industries and was captured by the leading trends of the tech world. “I am a very curious person, I constantly need to be stimulated by something new and exciting. The tech world is a place where I get a taste of various passions of mine like innovation, art, and creativity. I love the cutting edge stuff!” Alejandra believes in herself and her aspiration in leaving her mark in any industry or business she tackles.

“You cannot just depend on a college education, you must be proactive. You must take your field by storm, push your creativity and be your own network.”

Orange Coast College - AA Fashion Design
California State University Fullerton - BA Business Administration & Marketing
Advertising Plan and Ad for Imaginary Company
My Visual Graphics Resume


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