No Safety in Numbers. by dayna lorentz.

At the beginning of No Safety in Numbers the author tells us " Ryan owed everything he was to Thad" (Lorentz 23)

soon after the mall was quarantined Ryan was with mike and Drew till Ryan separeted from the crew and got beat up. mike and drew went to fight the guys who beat up Ryan during the fight "Ryan took the plastic shotgun from drew and smashed the kid in the face with the butt (Lorentz 100)

towards the end of the book Ryan starts to come up with his own plans to escape the mall. The author tells us "how long since he'd really the sky? The skylight!he slurped a steaming mouth full from the cup i know a way out he said"

this quote shows that Ryan is dependent on people and espesualy dependent on thad. this quote show that Ryan is turning into a violent person because he broke someones nose. this quote demenstrates that Ryan is starting to think of ways to get out of the problemthey are in Ryan is starting to be independent and this is why i belive that Ryan is dynamic

at the beginning of no safety in numbers the author tells us that shay is worried about her grandma when she said "I have to get back to my grandmother shay shouted as as the cop draged her to the car"

soon after the mall was quarantined shay's grandmother was sent to the emergency room the made in the mall a shay said " Nina come hide bihind here Nina looked at shay confused Dear one you think they wont notice us hiding"

towords the end of the book shay wanted to talk to the senator but thay wouldint let her in so she threatend her way in by saying " she'll see me or she'll regret it"

this first quote shows that shay would do anything for her grandma the second quote explains that shay will go throught anything to keep her grandma safe and the last quote shows that shay will even threaten the senator the help her grandma thats why shay is static


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