Journey Logs Shania Steele - shanias

Shania Steele – shanias

Section 041

Journey Log #1



I pulled the term social bookmarking from Exploring PDF that we used in class. This concept relates to creative reading but is more current and relates to me better as a person that uses social media heavily. To begin my research of social bookmarking, I simply typed the phrase into google and searched it. The results were a mix of definitions and pages to promote other social bookmarking sites. To narrow my search, I searched "what is social bookmarking" instead to find pages with definitions and further examples. I checked wikipedia first to grasp the concept before doing further research and found that the definition is exactly how the word sounds. Social bookmarking is an online service that people use to add, annotate, edit, and share different documents and sites from the web. After figuring out what the term meant, I clicked on a site to give me a few examples that I would recognize for further understanding. A lot of the social media sites that I use daily are considered social bookmarking sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and many more. Actually, we practice this concept in modern day often by simply attaching a website in an email or searching through different categories online. Taking the social media angle, this concept uses metacognition in many different ways. From sharing articles on politics to a celebrity update to even a picture of a cat, the ability to share different websites opens up a door for communication. By opening this door, individuals have the opportunity to argue and support different points of view publicly where others also can have their own say on the topic. This social world of sharing and communicating ideas could lead to reflecting on one's own thoughts to be more open to learning why others think a certain way and changing their own ways of thinking as well.

In another PDF we read for class, I focused on the word selfie from What Your Selfies Say About You and is extremely relatable since I do take my fair share of selfies. This article makes the reader think about how they may be perceived by the pictures they post of themselves. A selfie is a picture that a person has taken of themselves to be shared on social media. To find the definition of this word, I had to specifically search "selfie definition" since searching only the term selfie resulted in different tv shows or movies, products, and definitions. I thought that searching the term on urban dictionary would give more insight to how the word is used among people today. One definition calls the concept "a ridiculous practice of narcissism" while another refers to the person as being friendless in real life and resorting to social media for friends. The idea of the selfie is seen as a failure of our generation as we become self-centered and oriented for others instead of promoting ourselves and being confident. Studies also show that this phenomenon is damaging relationships as we are sucked into a world where we are way too concerned about our appearance and how others perceive us. On the other hand, a selfie can be seen as a method of empowerment and inspiration for oneself and others. The selfie can be seen as an opportunity to connect and share a part of oneself with the world with hopes of positive and joyful reactions. Since the internet is supposedly forever, posting pictures of oneself allows others to comment and reflect on the selfie and analyze the connotation of it. Some may find the practice embarrassing or conceited since the selfie is literally a picture of oneself depending on the context and timing of it. While some comments may be hurtful and disappointing, other may be uplifting and powerful for not only the one that posted it but even others that come across the picture. Metacognition comes into play here by allowing not only ourselves to reflect on this concept, but others that have seen our shared works. Maybe the selfie is a representation of how we perceive ourselves or simply how we want others to perceive us in the world or maybe it is a powerful marketing and communication tool to be used in today's technological society.



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