L, chavez art 1 portfolio

this is my goal card and my goal card is about setting goals and doing something you want to achieve. and my goal is to love life because because life is a beautiful thing to experience.
this is a picture of all the types of shapes that are used in art pretty much everyday.
this is a drawing of the shapes that can be in any place and they will still look the same but farther or smaller.
This is a drawing of different types of shading and how light or dark they are.
we learned in class how to make cubes and also a cylinder and how to make it like a shady looking.
This is a sphere the we learned how to shade in and how to make it look like if it was on a surface.
we also learned how to make triagnels and how to make it look like realistic.
this is a shading scale and this tells us hoe light or dark we need to shade and also the number on the art pencils have and that number and letter means it is a light or a dark shade.
this is a drawing of a skull and what we had to do was where we were sitting we had to look at the scupture from an angel and that was the side
This is a drawing of the first thing we did on like the first week of school, when we did not know how to draw a Self-Portrait and thought the semester we learned how to make one.
this is what i helped out with for the puppet show and it was to paint the clouds and also add like glitter to it.
this is a Self-Portrait of what we did and i think many people have done a great job doing from like the bging of the school util now may people have grew on making a Self-Portrait.
this is the pop art of the Self-Portrait and this is what we wanted on our actual Self-Portrait if you chose like a color on this picture you had to also have to same colors on the other drawing.
this is the artist statement on the projects we have done and we had to describe them.
pop art is traditional fine art values. and this is my pop art before we even started the Self-Portrait.
this is my clay project the symbols that it has on there is a water droplet meaning rain, the birds mean peace, and the cross means god, and the music note means that i love music.

what i have learned was about surrealism and also how to do an artist statement and an artist statement is when you are write about your own work and when you also critic it. and also how to critic about other people's work.

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."- Pablo picasso

This is my favorite art work because this is the last day before Jesus christ is crucified and also the last day with him being with his disciples. and also the painter that made this panting was Leonardo da Vinci and i think he did really good job on the mona lisa

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