The Death Cure By: James Dashner


Science Fiction/Young Adult Fiction

James Dashner

James Dashner was born on November 26, 1972. He grew up in Austell, Georgia, along with his five other siblings. He studied at Brigham Young University, which is located in Provo, Utah. He studied accounting but soon decided to attempt writing. He is now 44 years old and is married to a woman named Lynette Anderson. They became married in 1998 and had four children.


The headquarters of WICKED is where the book begins and is also pretty much where it ends. WICKED's headquarters bring back memories from book one, The Maze Runner. It is similar because the headquarters are almost like a maze. There are many different rooms, and it is very easy to get lost inside the many hallways and turns of the headquarters.

Hallway with many doors

The group of teenagers also find themselves in Denver. This is where the Flare is out of control. The book portrays Denver as a very dangerous area, because of all of the people with the disease called the Flare. There is a great amount of attention drawn to Denver because of its high rate of illness.

Present Denver

Plot Summary

A group of teenagers are all on a mission to save mankind. The headquarters of WICKED want to operate on an immune teenager to find a cure to the Flare. WICKED isn't trustworthy, so the teenagers and a group called the Right Arm fight against WICKED and defeat them.

Main Characters

Thomas: He is the leader of the group of Gladers. He is very powerful and intelligent for his age. He motivates the others to do better and to try harder.

Minho: He acts indestructible and he is also clever. He is known for being quick on his feet. He is also looked up to as a leader and he often takes control when Thomas is unable to.

Newt: He may be thin but he has the strongest mind. He is very wise and is always there to lend a helping hand. If any of the other characters are depressed, Newt is always there to cheer them up. He brings the positive to dull situations.

Brenda: She is the most intense girl in the book. She is intimidating and also very bright. She is skilled and determined to overcome any obstacle that comes her way.


The theme of The Death Cure is teamwork. It would be impossible for Thomas or any of the other characters to overcome an obstacle alone. For example, Thomas would have never been successful in defeating WICKED if he was alone. He had the Right Arm, and his friends to support him. This theme really shows that you shouldn't have to face a major event alone. Teamwork will not only help you out but it will get the job done.


Chapter One, Page Four says, "Thirst for revenge." This quote is important because it displays Thomas' emotions in the beginning of the book. He couldn't do much, so he plotted ways to get revenge. He had a lot of time to think and process things because he was trapped inside one of WICKED's rooms.

Chapter Two, Page Ten says, "On the outside, in the streets, they call people like you Munies, and they really, really hate you." This quote is important because Rat Man explains to Thomas the effects of the virus called the Flare. He tells Thomas that Munies are hated, because they are immune to the virus. This introduces the name for the immune and it is important because it is used throughout the whole book. Also, Rat Man told him that he was hated for being a Munie as a warning because Thomas could easily be in danger.

Vocabulary Words

Menace: a person that threatens to cause harm

Inexplicable: unable to understand

Cantankerous: argumentative

Jaunt: an adventure or expedition

Succumb: to surrender

Evaluation of the Book

In my opinion, this is possibly one of my favorite books. I love the Maze Runner series because it is full of action. I think this book is the most suspenseful of the series, and it is played out very well. There are deaths of important people, old characters reunite with the group, and it is really intense. I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy suspense, action, and being on the edge of their seat in every chapter. It definitely teaches people things, and makes me people think in ways they probably hadn't before. Three words to describe this book would be climatic, mysterious, and partnership.


Got most of the information from the book.

James Dashner Information:

By: Chelsea Neal


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