Whitkirk News! 17th september 2021

A message from Mr. Dawson

First of all, I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who was able to attend the welcome meeting for years 1 – 6 this week. It was great to see so many of you in person and for you to finally be able to come inside school and see the wonderful things we have been working on.

I can’t believe we have completed our first full week back already. Reception have settled in really well and thank you Reception parents for your positive feedback on how your children are enjoying coming to school – it was lovely to see their smiling faces at the end of their first morning!

Please remember that we have individual and sibling school photographs taking place in school on Wednesday next week. Have a great weekend!


It's been our first full week back in school and we're so pleased to see everybody continuing to come to school each day with a smile on their face and looking very smart! As always, we have our attendance champions and for the second week in a row, the class with the highest attendance is Y2KDO with 99.1%! We also have a full house now at Whitkirk as on Monday our Reception pupils started big school and guess what....they are both in second and third place this week! Miss Emery's class (YRLE) achieved 98.9%, closely followed by Miss Sanderson's class (YRJS) with 98.8%. Well done everybody!

Let's see what our classes have been up to this week:


Wow! How has it only been a week in Reception? YRLE and YRJS have settled into school life at Whitkirk excellently and truly blown away all members of the EYFS team! The children have shown great independence when entering school on a morning: they have been identifying their peg and exploring their new classroom! It has been a true pleasure to observe the children playing alongside their new friends, enjoying carpet sessions, and taking part in story-time. The children have been learning how to respect their classroom and ensure that it is safe and ready to learn in, using the process, 'choose it, use it, put it away'. It has been wonderful to see the children taking such pride in their new classroom and working as a team to keep it tidy. Thank you for all of your ongoing support parents / carers, you should be very proud of your children!


Wow! What a fantastic week we've had in Year 1. This week, we've introduced our Talk4Writing sessions and we have been learning the story 'The Little Red Hen' using lots of actions to help us. Next week, we will be writing our own versions and we're very excited to read their creations. We hope you enjoy our video below! In Maths, we've been working on our number skills. Again, children have blown us away by focusing on their number formation and identifying the missing numbers on the number line.

We are absolutely loving our time in Year 2! We too have started Talk4Writing this week but our story has been Edward the Emu. There have been lots of giggles (especially from the teachers) as they have been trying to draw emus! The fun doesn't stop there though, we've practised our map skills on a treasure hunt, and we've been matching seeds to their fruit or flower. We can't wait for Monday to do it all over again!


What a fantastic first full week in Year 3! We have been so busy consolidating lots of our knowledge from Year 2 and learning lots of new things! Our highlight has got to be making the fruit salad skewers on Monday. We learned that different fruits need different climates to grow and we are so lucky to be able to have fruits from different countries. We have also been learning all about maps and using compass points, today we loved having our own treasure hunt in the playground!

Year 4 have had a fantastic second week of the term! In Science, the children enjoyed a hands on lesson to introduce our topic - Where does all our food go? We recreated the digestive system using a range of resources, such as a bag for a stomach and some tights for the intestines!!! It was as messy as it sounds! The children had great fun moving the food through the different "organs" and were brilliant at recalling the key names of these after. Another exciting activity this week was when 4CO went swimming! We all felt incredibly proud of the children from beginning to end - they were amazing representatives for Whitkirk! Every single person put their all into the swimming and we can't wait for session 2 next week! A great week Year 4, well done!


Year 5 have had a great first full week back at school! They have all settled back in well and we are all getting back into the routine of school! This week we started our class text, Cosmic, which links to our theme ‘What does Earth look like from Space?’ In Science, we have began by looking at our solar system and the planets with children producing some beautiful work displaying a diagram and information of the planets. We have also had some excellent maths work with all of the children working extremely hard and trying their best. Well done Year 5!

Year 6 have had an excellent week this week - first full week back and what a busy week it has been! We have started reading our new novel, Kaspar, Prince of Cats (Michael Morpurgo) with protagonist Johnny Trott, a young orphan boy who works at the Savoy Hotel. We have been putting on our best Russian accents as we witness a blossoming friendship between himself , The Countess and Kasper! In Science, we have kick started our new topic looking at the systems in our body. Well done Year 6, you have shown determination and so much enthusiasm in your learning this week! Keep it up!

Stars of the Week

We are delighted to be able to invite you back into school for our Celebration Assemblies! These take place each Friday at 2:40pm. If your child is Star of the Week, you will be notified each Wednesday via email. We hope we can see many of you there!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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