Hunting Down PTSD by Graham fowler

There is many things said to cure post traumatic stress disorder. drugs,alchohol or outlets to cope with it. Curing it is not the problem, realizing you have it is the issue. 5 fraternaty from Maryland joinned the National Gaurd shortly after the alqueda led 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New york.

Andy Corbett, 30, was in a IED attack with jon holt, 27 with a wife a 2 kids ended up with a mangled and destroyed leg.

The carnage of the ied that destroyes holts leg.

They Both said theyre not afraid of the stigma of ptsd now. They said hunting helps them feel the adreniline and the rush of combat without doing anything illegal or anything that harms them. The solidity and the planning and comradere of hunting, helps them cope with the disorder.

a Hunting wiith Heros Duck hunt in Montana.

Ryan lamke who dropped out of College to join the Marines at 19 to fight for his country. He was keeping a brain injury under lock and key to stay on the Battlefeild until he passed out and deemed unfit for service during a training excersice.

theres isnt anything proving that hunting can prevent or fully cure ptsd and the symptoms that go along with it. there is many groups who put thousands of dollars into hunts for vetrans. The many groups are Hunting with heros, Hunting for a Cure, and Reel warriors and countless others.

A hunt for Pheasent in western kansas

There should be nothing to stop vetrans disabled or not to get out and experience and enjoy the land they fought for. The many groups and outfitters that put on these hunts are not paid to do it by anyone by themself. They message and impact is different but theyre statments are they same, " a hero isnt someone who gets one stage or laces up cleats on a monday night, a hero is a guy who laces up his boots and eats ration on Christmas day in the desert" - CEO of Reel Adventures out of Colorado.

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