Love your body! BoudoirbyMJB

What does it mean to you?

Does boudoir photography cause you to think about beautiful photographs of beautiful bodies?

Does it make you think about a huge boost in confidence and self esteem?

Most people think of the first one but not the second, yet in a world where social media can negatively affect so many peoples opinions of themselves using photography to make people fall in love with their bodies again is amazing.

Boudoir Photography is both beautiful and transformative - this is a journey to body confidence and you will leave your portrait experience empowered and feeling in love with yourself for who you are, not what society thinks you should be.

Nobody has the perfect shape, everyone has things they don't like about their body - but those who learn to love their body enjoy their lives more

Boudoir is for all women, of all shapes and sizes. I want you to feel confident in your own skin however that is.

What is the Experience?

You are unique. You are serious. You are passionate. You are sexy. You are private.

Nervous? Sure but you're here and isn't it exciting?

This isn't just any old photoshoot, this is all you!

  1. Consultation Call: I want to get to know you, who you are, what you love and what you dream. You can ask as many questions as you like, this is a collaboration and the images are worth every second of effort we put in at this stage.
  2. Mood Board: Pinterest is brilliant for this. Describing things is hard, showing them is much easier! Put together a Pinterest board and send it to me so I can get an idea of the images you love!
  3. Outfits: You get to go shopping! This is a memorable experience and you want to make sure you look your best right? It's the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some beautiful new lingerie that really sings to your body shape and accentuates your favourite parts. Also pick up some more casual looks such as loose fitting jumpers and tops for your first look, these will help you relax into the shoot whilst also giving your hands something to play with.
  4. Hair & Makeup: On the day of your shoot you'll arrive excited and nervous no doubt, you'll spend an hour with my amazing stylist who will make you look and feel like £1m! You'll also hopefully feel much more relaxed going into the shoot.
  5. Portrait Session: This is where you finally get to relax and enjoy yourself (trust me, you will!). The key is to just be you. You're not expected to know anything, you can trust me to guide you through each pose, and through each pose explore the unique you. See, it's all about you!
  6. Time to view: A week or so after your session I'll arrange a couple of hours to share your images and explore you like you've never seen yourself before. This is your opportunity to purchase the images you love!


The session fee for a boudoir experience with MJBPhoto is £300 which includes everything from the consultation call, hair and makeup, to your private viewing.

When you see your final portraits you have the opportunity to purchase the ones you love.

Products and images are not included in the session fee.

Album Collections

Platinum Collection - £3500 (£5000 value)

  • 12x12 album with 50 images
  • Premium cover options
  • All digitals from photo shoot
  • £300 a la carte credit

Gold Collection - £2500 (£3450 value) Most Popular!

  • 10x10 album with 35 images
  • Premium cover options
  • £100 a la carte credit

Silver Collection - £1250 (£1950 value)

  • 8x8 album with 25 images
  • Premium cover options
  • £100 a la carte credit

Bronze Collection - £800 (£850 value)

  • 8x8 album with 18 images
  • Black cover only
  • £50 a la carte credit

A La Carte Menu


  • Increase Album Size - £500
  • Crystal image Cover - £300

Album Image Add-Ons

  • 3 for £280
  • 6 for £580
  • 10 for £740
  • 15 for £1000
  • All photos for £1500

Memories box with Luxury Boarded Prints (per print, minimum 5 prints)

  • 8'x10' box - £60
  • 11'x14' box - £80

Digital Files

  • 1-10 images - £100/each
  • 11-24 images - 20% off
  • 25+ images - 50% off
  • All Edited Digitals images (~60) - £2000

Mobile Albums

  • Digital album for your mobile - £350
  • Digital video slideshow - £350

Wall Art (Canvas, Acrylic & Framed prints are charged the same)

  • 12'x18' - £220
  • 16'x24' - £350
  • 20'x30' - £500
Created By
Martin Beale