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Academic tenure is a policy that gives teachers a permanent contract. This contract guarantees their employment for life. If a teacher has tenure, he or she cannot be fired unless for "just cause". Examples of "just cause" include severe misconduct or incompetence.


Iowa does not have tenure. Instead, Iowa has a procedural due process to protect teachers. The due process clause of the fourteenth amendment states that no state "may deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law". Due process provides the minimum procedural requirements that each public school district must meet when they dismiss a teacher. The teacher has the right to receive notice of termination and the right to a hearing because of this clause.

"The fact is that any poor performing teacher can lose their job in Iowa and no union has the ability to stop a termination."


Missouri does have tenure. In Missouri, a teacher becomes tenured after he or she has been employed by the same school district for 5 successive years. Once a teacher is tenured he or she becomes a permanent teacher and their contract becomes indefinite, it renews from year to year.

Tenured teachers may be terminated. A tenured teacher in Missouri may be terminated for the following reasons:

1. Physical or mental condition unfitting him to instruct or associate with children.

2. Immoral conduct.

3. Incompetency, inefficiency, or insubordination in the line of duty.

4. Willful or persistent violation of, or failure to obey, the school laws of the state or the published regulations of the board of education of the school district.

5. Excessive or unreasonable absence from performance of duties.

6. Conviction of a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude.

Which state?

I think I would feel more protected and supported in the state of Missouri. Once you have gained tenure, you would have a sense of job security. It seems like Missouri recognizes and respects your years of experience, whereas Iowa does not.


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