Austria by: Joey sgromo

Languages: German, Slovenian, Hungarian, Austrian German


Government: Federal Republic

Economy: Free Market

Population: 8.474 Million

Exports: Machinery equipment, motor vehicles and parts, paper and paperboards.

Imports: Maily machinery and equipment, motor vehicles,chemicals, oil.

Culture: Mostly German roots and a lot of historic towns.

Similar problems: Enviromental issues.

Unique problem: I couldn't find any.

Created By
Joey Sgromo


Created with images by pepa74 - "austria the flag of the pledge" • stux - "dollar bill 500 euro money" • 733215 - "budapest parliament according to hungary" • martaposemuckel - "bank note euro bills" • blickpixel - "drill milling milling machine" • Joshua_Willson - "old car steering"

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