Community Impact Report WestSide Baby's 2020 Annual Report

Our Mission

WestSide Baby, in partnership with our community, provides essential items to local children in need by collecting and distributing diapers, clothing, and equipment.

Our Vision

WestSide Baby envisions a day when each child is equipped with the basic items they need to grow into healthy, happy and resilient members of our community.

Commitment to Equity

In service of our mission and this vision, we recognize there are structural inequities that cause the basic needs gap to disproportionately affect communities of color. WestSide Baby operates with the fundamental belief that every child born deserves to have their basic needs met and that unmet basic needs are one important contributing factor to the disparities in health and well-being for children and families of color. When children’s basic needs are met, family resilience is strengthened, and our communities are healthier and happier.

Letter from new Executive Director, Sarah Cody Roth

To my friends and community,

This past year we have experienced crisis and collective traumas, with Black, Indigenous and People of Color experiencing the compounding impacts of white supremacy. There is a saying, “never waste a crisis” and it made me reflect on the root of the word “crisis” which is “to sift.” Throughout this past year, WestSide Baby has NOT wasted the opportunity to sift, down to what is most important in our work to address children’s basic needs; we believe that Basic Needs are a Basic Human Right that must be honored, and that we must center the communities we exist to serve in order to achieve our vision.

I invite you to watch my short speech below, from our recent virtual gathering Beyond the Basics, to learn more about how WestSide Baby is deepening our impact to meet the needs of our community, both immediately and systemically. Because it is time, beyond time, for every child and family to have their basic needs honored.

I am excited to hear from you after you review our 2020 Community Impact Report and welcome you to reach out anytime.

In gratitude, Sarah Cody Roth

Winter 2020

By the Numbers

  • In 2020, we served over 29,000 children ages 0-12 and distributed $1.5 million worth of items including clothing, diapers, car seats and more. To compare, we served 4,000 children in 2006.
  • In 2020, we distributed 1,667 car seats. With our modified distribution and item collection focused on highly requested items, we were able to fill 96% of all car seat requests in comparison to 78% in 2019.
  • In 2020, we distributed 318 safe sleep options including cribs, pack n plays and bassinets.
  • In 2020, we filled 99% of all hygiene product requests thanks to our focused distribution and collection efforts on most needed items such as wipes, baby soap and diaper cream.


In 2020 we distributed 2.4 million diapers. This is a record high distribution number for WestSide Baby in response to unprecedented need faced by families experiencing extreme financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the pandemic began, we already knew about 1 in 4 families in King County were experiencing diaper need. We also know certain communities are disproportionately impacted by diaper need in addition to this public health crisis due to structural racism in housing, government aid and education.

New data from the Healthy Kids Survey in 2019 gives us more insight to diaper need in King County. On average, close to 1 in 4 families are struggling to afford diapers for their children. However, Black caregivers and Latinx caregivers are over 2x as likely to experience diaper need. Families living in South King County and LGBTQ families are also experiencing significantly higher rates of diaper need.


As we continue to center Black babies, Indigenous babies, and babies of color in our vision, we center the communities that have been denied access to basic needs due to systemic racism. Your support allows us to look forward to our vision for 2020 and beyond.

Support our mission through monthly donations:

COVID-19 Modifications

We are proud to have continued to operate and distribute diapers and other items as an essential business during this time, in a safe and effective way with a majority of staff working off-site, and staff on-site continuing to collect, check, and distribute most needed items to our partners throughout the week.

Read more about how COVID-19 impacted basic need access in our community:

Learn about our impact in 2020

Community Support

In 2020, you & the community continued to show up for WestSide Baby and children experiencing unmet need, even in new, unique and virtual ways. You hosted 93 diaper drives, often using our online wish list, and you donated hundreds of thousands of diapers!

Additionally, 2020 brought us opportunities to create new partnerships to work toward our vision:

  • We distributed items to over 150 sites throughout King County.
  • We partnered with Seattle Public Schools and the Seattle Housing Authority to ensure families could get supplies at key community access points.
  • We established 9 new ongoing agency partners through our new application process, centering our commitment to equity and centering communities facing the highest need.

Read more about our Provider Partner Agencies in our Blog Series:

WestSide Baby’s Strategic Plan: One-Year In

Children do not have their basic needs met because of systems that distribute resources inequitably, leaving so many families unable to make ends meet. Rooted in our values and commitment to equity, we know systemic racism and sexism lead to Black, Indigenous and families of color being 2-3x more likely to struggle to afford enough diapers.

In 2020, we began a new strategic direction to align our work more fully with our commitment to equity. Here’s what that looks like:


  • We are adapting to the needs of communities who are farthest from access to the basics.
  • We are focused on partnering with organizations led by & rooted in communities that are the most under-resourced. We are listening & building relationships to create ways for communities closest to the problem to shape our work, so we can be responsive to those most impacted by basic needs gaps.


  • We are advocating for policy change that has the power to get every child what they need so their family can focus on raising healthy and resilient children.
  • WestSide Baby is leading efforts to replicate policies in Washington that have been successfully used in other states to decrease diaper need – policies like a direct cash subsidy for low-income families to get diapers, that they cannot purchase with any other public aid programs like WIC.

2020 Evaluation Update

In 2020, we partnered with 83 agencies, 95 programs and 115 unique sites around King County. Our partners span multiple disciplines and social service sectors including public health, social work, food security, domestic violence, early learning, infant mental health, and more.

Here is the breakdown by Program/Agency focus:

Research supports that WestSide Baby’s agency partnership model has many positive implications for both the partner agencies and the recipients including increased communication between providers and clients, client program retention, and connection to other services—all of which ultimately contribute to lasting, positive outcomes for families.

  • 97% report that providing basic needs items from WestSide Baby to their clients helps build trust between provider and client
  • 85% report that providing basic needs items to their clients improves program retention.
  • 97% of providers report providing basic needs items from WestSide Baby to their clients improves overall child happiness and wellbeing.

WestSide Baby’s mission and vision is powered by so many people in our community! We are grateful for the hundreds of families, businesses and organizations who invest in our work to provide equitable basic needs access for babies and children.

Thank you to our generous Giving Circle Members:

  • Nishat Akhter
  • Janet & Zuned Ali
  • Shana & Dave Allen
  • Scotti Andrews & Paul Tonella
  • Michele & Jeff Andrus
  • Valerie Barrs-O'Mara
  • Shelby & Nick Berliner
  • Devorah & Carlo Bertucci
  • Dior Biancofiori
  • Becky Bicknell & Matthew Taylor
  • The Blais Family
  • Canto Family Charitable Fund
  • Sarah & Joshua Chadd
  • Kathy Clayton
  • Sarah Cody Roth & Tristan Roth
  • Dow Constantine & Shirley Carlson
  • Aileen Cronin & Todd Shirley
  • Libby Cunningham & Mike O'Leary
  • Mary Ellen Cunningham & Matt Dressler
  • Allison Curd-Entzminger & Mike Entzminger
  • Kate Daly & Frank Blanchette
  • Amy Daly-Donovan & Jim Donovan
  • Krista Davis
  • Lori & Phil Dupuis
  • Katy Eberle
  • Kelsey Edralin
  • Grace & Javier Fosado
  • Stephanie and Steve Fischer
  • EmilyRose Frasca
  • Carol McClure Frillman & Lou Frillman
  • Shelley Gaddie & Kim Valenzano
  • Catherine Gannon
  • Stephanie Garrido
  • Chelsea Globe & Bill Kallio
  • Patti Goertzen & Steve Wald
  • Alyssa Goodchild
  • Leah Graybill
  • Alexis & Collin Greene
  • Dayra Haugo
  • Cause Haun & Gang Chen
  • Lisa & Ed Hewson
  • Anne & Clarence Higuera
  • Meghan & Mark Hogan
  • Dawn & Jess Holbrook
  • Erin Hulme
  • Jenn Inglin
  • Phoebe & Ray Ingraham
  • Becky & Tim Johnson
  • Kamila & Patrick Kennedy
  • The Keppler Family
  • Rayna & Kordell Kubo
  • Teresa Lawson
  • Liz Ledbetter
  • Dena & Ron Levine
  • Helen & Ben Lundell
  • Nicole Lutomski
  • Kavita & Walker Malling
  • Michael Mattmiller
  • Susan Michl
  • Suzanne Murray & David Erbsen
  • Jennifer Patterson & Michael Friedrichs
  • Jim Penney & LauraLeigh Young
  • Nick Peyton & Alexandra Adame
  • Darcey Quinn
  • Carolyn Radakovich
  • Diane & John Redenbaugh
  • Carla & Bill Rogers
  • Mai Russell & Chris Krejci
  • Katie Ryan Strimban & Michael Strimban
  • Jodi Ryznar
  • Carina & Scott Schubert
  • Molly & Glenn Seaverns
  • Ashley Seffernick & Mel Carson
  • Nancy J. Smith
  • Heidi & Chris Stolte
  • Josh, Susan & Guthrie Sutton
  • Arpita Swami
  • Allison Tennant
  • Lauren & Matthew Tomala
  • Katie & Brian Tucker
  • Pamela Vasudeva
  • Angela Wallis
  • Katy & Erik Walum
  • Rebecca Ward & Neal Suggs
  • Valeria Wayne
  • Bryan Wiebe
  • Sara Williams & Kevin Foreman
  • Katie Wilson
  • Nancy & Tim Woodland
  • Jennifer Worth
  • Patsy Wosepka
  • Beth & Clint Wright

Thank you for keeping children safe, warm and dry!

WestSide Baby, in partnership with our community, provides essential items to local children in need by collecting and distributing diapers, clothing and equipment.


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