During this week’s discussion, I had mentioned how it could be a good idea for students to par-take in a diversity workshop so that students can get a better understand of the importance for diversity. The main reason I brought up diversity workshops is because I had just learned about this opportunity through the interview I conducted for our Qualitative Research assignment. I had interviewed a program coordinator for the Center of Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Houston and learned about the numerous resources they have for students to create awareness. They offer a Diversity 101 workshop that discusses the meaning of diversity and why it is significant as well as a follow up workshop called Diversity 201. Other workshops range from Intent vs. Impact to discuss with students how their words can affect others to workshops that focus on Power and Privilege and how you change your behavior to be a better student/person. After learning about the options available to students at the University of Houston, I decided to extend my research to see how many institutions within the nation are also offering these opportunities to promote diversity.

According to David Tritelli (n.d.) 70% of institutions within the nation are using diversity workshops to promote awareness however, what isn’t being done by institutional administrators is creating surveys and evaluations to determine the effectiveness of these workshops. I feel it is important to evaluate any new plan or program to determine its effectiveness because without these evaluations and assessments, you can’t really determine the programs quality. By implementing assessments for these programs, administrators can analyze how a program is excelling or not excelling and from there, determine what can be done or changed to enhance the effectiveness of the programs and most importantly, determine how or if these workshops are making an impact on students academically. In order to examine the extent of the effectives of a diversity workshop, administrators would ultimately need to conduct longevity research to conclude if the workshops are positively impacting the campus community.




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