Muscular System Emeline Montague ( 8th period)

What is the Muscular System?

The Muscular System is responsible for all movement of the body. This system is made up of three different kinds of muscle tissue: skeletal muscle, smooth muscle, and cardiac muscle. The Muscular allows you to do things like, swallow food, sit up straight, and blink your eyes.

Example of Skeletal Muscles in the hand.

Skeletal Muscle

The skeletal muscle is what allows the skeleton to move. The muscle is attached to the tendon, which is attached to the bone. When this muscle moves, the tendon pulls on the body part, in turn, causing it to move. There are over six hundred and fifty skeletal muscles in your body. This is the most common muscle tissue in your body.

Major Organs?

The skeletal muscle is found, attached, to the skeleton itself. You could consider this a major organ.

Close up picture of the Smooth Muscle.

Smooth Muscle

Smooth muscle is the muscle that forms the supporting tissue, and is used to hold up hollow organs. They are the muscles that allow your body to perform basic functions. There is not a specific number of smooth muscles, they are found in large, sheet like, forms. Smooth muscle is the typically non-striated, uni-nucleated, and involuntary or reflexive muscle. This muscle allows you to

Major Organs?

The smooth muscle is found in most hollow organs in the body. This includes: the bladder, the intestines, and the stomach. Smooth muscle can also be found on the walls of blood vessels.

Model of the heart.

Cardiac Muscle

Cardiac Muscle is the involuntary muscle found only in the heart. The scientifically correct word for this tissue is myocardium. This type of muscle is used to pump blood throughout the body. Like I said, this muscle is found specifically in the heart, and makes up the bulk of the organ. This muscle is being, and has been in motion, since the day that you were born.

Major Organs?

Since the cardiac muscle is only found in the heart that is the only major organ.


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