flow film & eco festival athens NOVEMBER 30 | THESSALONIKI DECEMBER 7

- Action Sports & Eco Awareness Film Festival -

Welcome to FLOW FILM & ECO FESTIVAL Vol.5 in Athens & Thessaloniki.

Flow is hosted at the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences Conference Center for the 4rth time, recently renamed as University of West Attika. This modern facility has the space and amenities necessary to cater for over 1500 people including dedicated spaces for workshops, outdoor activities, Food & Beverage, Live music, Sports exhibition and a 550 person auditorium. We pay particular attention to the viewing experience, providing our guests with top quality 4K projection and impeccable Surround Sound.

Flow Film Festival Athens 2018

In Thessaloniki we host the event at the well known Cityport Warehouse D for the 3rd time, also home to the Thessaloniki Film Festival, with a high quality built in cinema projection system, maximum capacity of 500 people, and plenty of space to cater up to 1000 people and host the sports exhibition, Photography and art exhibits and live music. The venue is directly adjacent to Thessaloniki city center, with easy access and great outdoor spaces.

Flow Film Festival Thessaloniki 2018

Flow Festival began in 2015 at Village cinema complexes in Athens, Thessaloniki and Volos. Apart from the sold out screenings we had an interactive "Dryslope" experience setup for our guests as well as sports exhibitions and live music. Whilst the quality of the cinema experience was excellent we chose to move to other venues to cater for our expanding side events such as workshops, art and photography exhibitions and food & beverage.

We make no compromises when it comes to the viewing experience, which is why we chose to partner with TVS Audiovisual and bring our audience a full 4K projection.

Some of the 4k films hosted at Flow Film Festival

Flow Festival is invested in creating a more sustainable event every year. Last year we managed to reduce our environmental footprint by creating and managing a waste disposal system, as well as partnering with the University of Piraeus to favour solar energy consumption at the event over traditional fossil fuel. Hopefully soon we can say we are truly ZEROWASTE.

We believe in allowing people to express themselves freely, and promote projects with an environmental message.

From art to photography and speeches to workshops, we strive to educate as well as entertain our guests.

Our motto is "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle", which is why we support the used equipment market as well as projects such as Aegean Rebreath, Ghost Gear Core and Greece Has Soul.

Innovation and technology are an important part of developing our impact on an ever changing society.

At last year's event we completely got rid of plastic straws and will continue to work towards reducing our waste footprint in the years to come.

Our Art exhibition is based on Recycled materials in an effort to show our guests the effects of excessive consumerism.


Flow Festival has been a sold out event every year so far. With more than 1200 visitors in 2017 and more than 2000 in 2018, we are excited to see what the future of this event has in store.

Flow is promoted by top class media providers that includes the top of the action sports market and popular mainstream like Vice, CosmoteTv, RedbullTv, RiseTv, BestRadio, FlyRadio, Netwix, Nooz and more
We give artists, photographers and filmmakers the chance to display their work in a professional environment.
We educate our guests about new techniques in filmmaking, aerial cinematography, sustainable living and more.
We offer realistic alternatives to real environmental problems we have to tackle on a daily basis.
And finally, we put on a DAMN GOOD PARTY!

Guests win prizes !!!



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