Principles Of Design By izzy romano

Balance: Places the parts of a visual in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. In the picture a balance beam is being shown.
Movement:An image occurs when objects seem to be moving in a visual image. In the picture cars are moving representing movement.
Repetition: refers to one object or shape repeated. The letters are being repeated.
Variation: to change character
Dominance/emphasis: focal points are also elements or areas
Contrast: arrangement of oppsite elements
Scale/proportion:elements that have to do with size.


Created with images by ♡ dare to share beauty - "Starry Night Rose - Hybrid Oil & HDR" • Antranias - "see saw swing swing device" • Paul Ebbo - "Movement" • thanatosguan007 - "Repetition." • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "NASA's MESSENGER Satellite Captures Spectacular Color Mosaic of Mercury" • ashsrogers - "emphasis" • Jon Bunting - "radiant" • Greg_Men - "Proportions"

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