The Titanic By: Nijad Madi

My name is Nijad and I am on the Titanic the greatest ship of all time. People say that this ship is unsinkable and the most luxurious ship ever. I think so too. The boat is blinding and ace. I am first class on the titanic having a great time. Then mum called me for dinner. My mum's food is scrummy (which means it's good.) I went to my room and we ate. My mum and dad having a argy-bargy like always. I went back up on the deck and enjoyed the breeze then I went to sleep I am knackered.

The next day I heard people yelling at each other I came to see what the argy-bargy was about. One man lost the plot the other man got conked by the other and was bleeding. The crew came to put it at an end. The man that was beating up the other was bang to rights. That was all to pot for the man beating up the other one.

He was sent down to a cell for the rest of the trip. My dad was a gambler he always gambled and he was addicted. One day he spent five hours gambling. My mum didn't mind that much because he always won. My dad was always chuffed about winning. My mum does everything like clean the room and then relax on the boat. She is the bee's knees to me. I was walking on the top deck and bumped into someone. "Hi, sorry that I bumped into you," he said.

"Hey its fine," I said back.

"I forgot to introduce myself my name is Max," he said.

"Mine is Nijad," I said. We then just started talking forever and I lost track of time. I ran back to our room and my mum was there with my dad eating dinner. "Why are you so late," my mom said.

"I bumped into someone then we started talking for so long I lost track of time sorry," I replied back. The next day I found the same boy. He said," Hey want to see something cool mate?"

"Sure," I said. I followed him down deep into the titanic. We stopped when we saw the door right in front of us open. We hid behind a box of crates. We wanted to earwig on the conversation a two people were having. "We have to sail at night we need to get to New York fast," the man said.

"No we cant see during night and we need to rest for once," the other said.

"We are already behind schedule and now you want to wait even longer!" One of them said.

"I guess your right we are a bit behind schedule maybe in half a fortnight we would be there if we waited.Fine we will travel through the night." The other said. They left and we were amazed. "The captain was right there," I said in awe.

Then we heard a loud screeching sound. we both ran up to the main deck and saw a iceberg scrape the boat. "We wont sink right?" I said worried.

"I don't know but hopefully not mate," Max said worried too.

After a hour we heard the captain say," Release the lifeboats now!"

I heard screams and water rushing up the boat. "Its sinking!" I said.

I was gobsmacked to see the ship sinking. We saw women and children get into lifeboats. We ran into one and a man said," only women and children are aloud first." The band played calmly as the ship was sinking. I could hear screams and some people were jumping of the boat. I saw children and parents crying. It was a horrible sight. My heart froze thats when I heard my mum screaming the water was coming up right behind. This was bollocks! Nice one captain.

The water swallowed her up. I could not breathe from the thought that my mum just died. Max pulled me to the top of the boat and I saw many people up there. The ship just got cut in half! Many people fell down and slid down the boat. We then had to go in the water and find help on a lifeboat. The water was icy cold like being surrounded in the coldest ice in the world for five minutes. The water was brass monkeys. We could not find one my hands and feet stopped working my head was getting dizzy to make it worse Max was gone! I could not move I felt a strong tug on my arm and then I dozed off. I wake up on another boat I was wrapped up in blankets and shivering. The greatest boat made to not sink just sunk I was gutted to see the boat sink. The boat was a damp squib.

Blinding- An adjective for excellence. Ace- Brilliant or excellent. Damp Squib- something which fails. Lost the Plot- become angry Gob Smacked- To be shocked with disbelief. Gutted- to be devastated and saddened. Knackered- to describe their tiredness and exhaustion. Mate- talking to a close friend. All to Pot- situation going out of your control and failing miserably. Bee's knees- describe someone or something you think the world of. Bollocks- a curse word used to indicate dismay. Fortnight- two weeks. Nice One- used almost always sarcastically. Brass Monkeys- Really cold. Scrummy- truly delicious and mouth-wateringly good. Argy-Bargy- A fight or agruement. Mum- Mom Conked- Punch in the nose. Bang to Rights- Caught red-handed. Chuffed- in a state of delighted satisfaction mixed with pride. Ear Wig- Eavesdropped.


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