Portraits with Alyssa

I love to get more of a real emotion besides the basic fake smile. when I am shooting with someone I like to crack a joke or make them laugh somehow so I can get a real emotion. so when I was taking this picture I just said something funny to Alyssa and she laughed and I caught that reaction. settings: f/4.5 ISO-200 1/230sec.
This was another picture of a not so basic smiling picture, I didn't expect to take this picture Alyssa was just moving her hair and she was also laughing and I caught it. this was towards the end of the day so Alyssa was out of ideas of what to do and she just happened to move her hair while I was about to take her picture. settings: f/5 1/640 sec. ISO-800
When Alyssa is modeling I tell her to make different emotions in her face so I don't have 100 pictures of her doing the same smile so every time I took her picture she would smile differently or she would change her position and I really like this picture because it's not like those awkward smiling pictures it's a little different. Also I used the gold side of the reflector to give her that golden look on her face. settings: f/4.5 1/320 sec. ISO-200
Alyssa and I went to this area around the science buildings where it had a lot of greenery and she just went to this wall and started posing. At first I didn't really like it because it seemed at bit awkward with her hand against the wall but I think it turned out nicely especially because I feel like the color of her sweater pops out. settings: f/5.6 1/100sec. ISO-400
I used the gold side of the reflector again for this picture and I just told Alyssa to change her smile to more of a serious look. this picture came out really since because of the coloring in the background.
This one is just your average smiling picture where Alyssa was sitting on a bench and awkwardly smiling. I like this picture because it's not too awkward and I like the little pop of green that's in the background. settings: f/5.6 1/500 sec. ISO-800

this topic taught me to watch out for distracting things in the background and also to watch my lighting in certain pictures. one tip I would recommend is try to get your model to make different faces or try to make them laugh because not only will you get a good picture of them laughing but then that can make them feel more comfortable in being in front of a camera.

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