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The Qin dynasty was remembered because of his improvements to china. The Qin dynasty lasted for 11 years and in these short 11 years he made and effect on china for thousands years.

Terra cotta Soldiers


The Qin dynasty was a dynasty that had to have everything to be confirmed by him. Qin wanted to have complete control, and authority. Basically he was the exact opposite of the zhou dynasty because Qin wanted to know everything that was going on throughout his land. "all people are subject to me, every field and harvest ,and everyone can have enough food". This means that he wanted everyone to grow crops and then give them to him so he can "equally" distribute the crops so that everyone could have the same amount of food. But we all, know that wasn't true.

In addition the Qin dynasty also, had built roads, bridges,canals,buildings,etc. Mostly for communication, transportation and governing. The most achievements that are remembered are the silk road, and the great wall of china. The silk road was a road that connect's the East and West from China to the Mediterranean Sea.



The economy was mostly forcing the peasants to work and forced to pay high taxes. Which was mostly paid in coined money the coined money was another way for china to improve their economy. "The earliest copper coin is called ‘ban liang qian’ (半 两钱, Ban Liang coins) which turned up and began to circulate in the whole country following the found of the Qin Dynasty (221 BC–206 BC)".(china highlights.com). As you can see the coined money started again when the Qin dynasty started because Qin wanted to improve the economy.


The Qin dynasty decided that legalism was the best way since it was a good way to help the Qin dynasty. In some ways it was a way to help the citizens, but most of the people disliked the fact of legalism. in and article it stated "Legalism became the official philosophy of the Qin Dynasty (221 - 206 BCE) when the first emperor of China, Shi Huangdi, rose to power and banned all other philosophies as a corrupting influence". But still, you can see they had to follow the emperors orders/rules.


In the qin dynasty the social structure was very organized.The Emperor was first since they were the most powerful out of everyone. Then when you think of a peasant there is were you are ranked low and your job is to work for the emperor."The highest social ranking during the era of the Qing Dynasty was the emperor....During that time, having slaves was seen as an important avenue for social advancement"(http://theqingdynasty.com/qing-dynasty-social-structure.html). The difference between the emperor and the peasant is very organized throughout china. Everyone can come to a conclusion on who is what by the way they are dressed.


Qin Shi Huang believed that if he was the smartest out of everyone he could get away with plans or things he wanted to do in china. It stated,"Shi Huangti believed that uneducated people were easier to control and so the people should remain stupid so that they would never think to doubt who was in charge of the empire. This policy resulted in the burning of books on a large scale"(peralta,2014). that peasants should kept out of education since they wouldn't understand the tequinques or plan. Which means that they wouldn't be able to complain and try to change the plan.


In the qin dynasty the most rememberable art was and still is The Great Wall Of China, and the grand canal Irrigation Channels, etc. This improvements to china allowed the citizens to have a easier transportation,and it brought benefits to the chinese protection.(Engineering An Empire: China, 2006) the Great Wall Of China kept the mongols out. The grand canal was a way of transpiration and that helped the Chinese get goods which increased there trading market.

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