Project 3 Done by Jeremy mcbride

Design for manufactoring

The design of the product heavily determines the cost of a product. The design of the product is the most important aspect of manufacturing because it determines every aspect of the product being made. Design manufacturers try to use the smallest amount of parts possible to and produce things as cheaply as possible to keep costs low. They must also be efficiant with the design to reduce waste from the material and time to not take to long making one part creating a choke point slowing down all of production

The SRM-20
Machine Milled Dota 2 Emblem

The SRM-20 is subtractive manufacturing machine (monoFab SRM-20). I used SolidWorks a 3D design program to make the first object as a shape to cut away. You will need to save the file you are going to put into the machine as a STL. There is many different setting you can do to increase the speed of your cut but may affect the overall quality of the object you are making. The length and width of the actual cut is 2 inches and the height is 0.5 inches.

The VersaLaser 4.60
Laser Etched Sign

The laser cutter we used was the VersaLaser 4.60 it is a subtractive manufacturing machine (Vinothkumar). The process to get the final product from this machine uses many different kinds of software as well as different ways to complete your product (Universal VersaLaser VLS 4.60). First you will need to create a 2D sketch using any program that can do this, then save it as a DXF file which will convert it to a AutoCAD form where it will use that to open it up if you need to. After that you must open that file on Adobe Illustrator and make all the necessary adjustments and then send it to the VersaLaser 4.60 by selecting print to cut out your material in wood. My laser cut sign is 6 inches in length, 3 inches in width and 0.125 inches high.

FormLabs 2
3D Printed Hook

The FormLabs 2 is a SLA 3D printer this is a higher definition than FDM which is made on the MakerBot and they both are additive manufacturing machines (Vinothkumar). This machine turns a liquid resign into a solid by shooting a UV light at the correct components (FDM vs SLA: 3D Printing Compared and Explained). Before starting this print you will need to let the printer warm up to 31 degrees Celsius which can take up to 30 minutes (FDM vs SLA: 3D Printing Compared and Explained). Once your object is fully printed you will want to take it off the base plate and put it into alcohol to soften up to take it off the support system the printer made to hold the object. After that just break it off and there you are all done but if you want you can sand down where the supports were to have a smoother finish. On my print I had a small hole on the hilt to tie it onto something but i made it too thin so it was extremely fragile and broke within 30 minutes of having so on my SolidWorks file I decreased the width of the hole making the ring wider fixing this issue. The hook is 2.9 inches in length and 1.5 in width and 0.2 inches high.

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