CARNEGI: robber baron of the GILDED age

Carnegie was one, if not, the most rich person of the gilded age. Carnegie grew up with barley anything and went from having barley anything, to having everything possible. He ripped his workers off, owned a ton of companies (to save him money in the long run) and barley gave any of his money to charity before he passed away. He is the biggest robber baron of the gilded age!

Carnegie is one of the biggest robber barons in the gilded age.

Carnegie owned many properties and even owned a port facility and all the equipment nessecary

As an example, he had workers who worked long hours in awful conditions with very little pay (under the average daily pay). The average pay was around $1.81 while Carnegie payed his workers $1.40. A little over 40 cents less than average! His workers later went on strike (Homestead strike) even though at the time, strike was illegal. Carnegie hired Pinkerton to guard the premises and guard. National Guard restored order and got the workers working again.

Along with that, around November 1877 Carnegie lowered his price for steel dramatically. Carnegie possibly did that so the other steel companies lowered their prices, even though they couldn't afford too. Carnegie wanted to be the only steel company and wanted to own all other companies to make the most money possible!

Along with the awful wages, the condition of his factories was also bad. Many people would get injured while working and some would even get killed!

Even though Carnegie was a robber baron, without him, we wouldn't have the tall buildings we have today

To this day, there are still robber barons and captains of industries. One of the captain of industries today, is Bill Gates.

"In 2007, its founders were ranked as the second most generous philanthropists in America, and Warren Buffett the first. As of May 16, 2013, Bill Gates had donated US$28 billion to the foundation."

Bill Gates has donated so much of his own money to a charity he started called "Bill ans Melinda Gates foundation" below is how much he donated.

August 24, 2006: $1.6 billion

July 11, 2007: $1.76 billion

July 1, 2008: $1.8 billion

July 1, 2009: $1.25 billion

July 1, 2010: $1.6 billion

July 7, 2011: $1.5 billion

July 6, 2012: $1.5 billion

July 8, 2013: $2.0 billion

July 14, 2014: $2.1 billion

July 6, 2015: $2.15 billion

Bill Gates has changed technology forever!


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