Colonial Farming by: preston holman

Did you know that in colonial times people did not rely on technology or machines, they relied on animals to take care of their crops? The middle colonies grew so many crops people called them "breadbasket". What was it like to farm during colonial times? There is one thing for sure, it's very different from today. It's important to learn about colonial farming so read on!

Different colonies and what they grew.

You might think that farming is easy and the same for each colony but that is not true each colony is different. Farmers grew wheat, oats, rye, corn, and much more. middle colonies produced the most food in fact they grew so much they were called the breadbasket. Farmers in new England colonies had a hard time growing crops. A lot of the soil wasn't good for growing crops especially near the ocean. Winter killed a lot of the crops.farming in the southern colonies were successful. The crops they grew most was tobacco. The two states who originally grew tobacco were Virginia and North Carolina. The three Colony's are very different in farming.

How animals help with farming

In colonial times animals helped with farming instead of machines. oxen pulled a plow through the fields. Horse's cultivate the weeds from between the plants to help prepare crops for gardening. These are two ways that animals help with farming

Now machines do a lot of work in farming but in colonial times they were very important to help out. I hope you saw how different the three colony's were in farming. Thank you for reading!!!!!!!



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