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Another wonderful fortnight of learning has come to an end in KB. We had a visit from our special friend Scklarky who brought along a build it yourself solar kit. The pieces where very small but we finally put together a solar puppy. There was a lot of discussion about 'what solar power means ' and how our puppy would need to collect energy from the sun to go for a discovery journey around Nexus.

The KB learners where very excited to see how our solar puppy would move. We all went outside but due to the cloudy sky there was no sun.

Martha commented that she thought our solar puppy would be bigger because it was in a big box. We all agreed with Martha.

The next sunny opportunity our new friend, which the children named Fred, was out catching some sun. The learners waited patiently for him to gather enough energy to move. After some time, we noticed that Fred was in the same position. We talked about how Fred could go on a journey around Nexus without any energy. Virginia suggested that we could carry him around. Maps where made to guide us on our little excursion with Fred.

Time to take Fred on a journey around Nexus. The learners decide to head into the Kindergarten playground before venturing into the whole school environment.

We hope Fred enjoyed his journey!

A huge congratulations to all KB learners for their wonderful singing during the Christmas concert. How very proud you all must be! KB learners rock!!!

The learners had a little bit of fun before heading to the auditorium.

During maths the children have been investigating and exploring 3D shapes through a variety of hands on activities.

The learners selected a small 3D shape from the magic bag and then had to find its bigger partner. They are so good at recognising and naming the shapes.

Some children spent time at the drawing table tracing around and drawing the 3 dimensional shapes.

3D bingo was a popular game during the week. The children had to use the correct name of each shape when pulling them out of the box. For example, 'Who has the red sphere?', 'Who has the yellow square base pyramid?'

The learners went on a 3D hunt in the classroom to find as many 3D shapes as they could in the environment. Once collected they were then sorted into the correct group.

Eloan even made a rectangular prism with part of a cardboard box, while Sebastian proudly announced he had made a cuboid.

Fun with Polygons!

Our Yr 6 buddies came to visit during the week and had prepared some amazing Christmas activities. There was Christmas tree decorating, making a snowman using a sock and making paper Santa's. Everyone had so much fun and we are looking forwards to next weeks visit.

Max the Monkey continues to have great playdates and the children have loved sharing their experiences with the class.

During Language Arts the learners wrote their letters to Santa with their Christmas requests. We will be exploring the journey of a letter next week as we venture out of the school to the local post box to post their Santa letters. In phonics the children focused on the sounds 'y' and 'z' through a variety of songs and games.

The children were also involved in live spelling and listened very carefully to each sound they could hear in words such as, fox and map.

On Thursday, 15 December the Kindergarten learners will join together for a small Christmas afternoon snack. It begins at 2.30, and parents are welcome to come along. A list will be placed outside the classroom for you to nominate what you would like to bring along.

  • Dates to rememeber
  • Tuesday, 13 December - Nexus Christmas Fair and Carols by Candlelight
  • Friday, 16 December - Last day of term, school closes at noon
  • Thursday, 15 December, 2.30 - Kindergarten afternoon snack

Kind regards, Lyn and Clara

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