UAE (Saudi Studies) By Samir


Hello this is my Arabic Saudi Studies Project about UAE, UAE is a special and beautiful country with many landmarks and amazing things to find.


UAE's religion is mostly Islam due to being close to Saudi Arabia, the holy place of Islam. Since UAE is very attractive to tourists and people from all around the world. The exact percentages are: 64% Muslim, 6.6% Hindu, 12% Christian, 5% Buddhists.


The population of UAE is vast and diverse the current population is tyaround 9,300,000

Type of government

UAE has a very complicated form of government, But the most well known governmental-person is the President, President Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan. It's government branches include a: Supreme Council, a Cabinet, a Federal Judicary, and a local government for each emirate.


UAE is a small part of the Arabian peninsula, and it's land is a barren desert with most of the cities on the shore to increase humidity and coolness.


UAE is most famous for it's Petroleum and Gas, more then 90% of these resources are found in UAE.

Native food

UAE's most famous nature food is Shawarma, with Hummus and Stuffed camel coming in next. Shawarma is a dish served across the world but most famous in the Arab land.


UAE's climate is mostly much hotter then Saudi Arabia's, UAE is much closer to the equator which means in summer temperatures can reach up to 46° C (114°F) and in Winter 27° C (80°F)


UAE's flag is quite simple, it is 4 colors in a simple geometric form. Red, Green, White and Black.

Cultural clothing

UAE's Cultural clothing is similar to Saudi Arabia's, Women usually wear a Abyaya with a Shaal, and men wear a thoub usually with a bisht. Below is a helpful picture.

Famous Monuments

UAE is most known for being the holder for the record of highest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa (Named after President Khalifa) and the super luxurious Burj Al-Arab. Both are luxurious and fancy monuments that mark UAE. They are located in Dubai with Burj Al-Arab in Jumeriah.

Experience At Burj Khalifa

While I was in Dubai I was able to get the chance of going to Burj Khalifa!!! Here is a photo, there is a booth where you take cool pictures. But I did go to the tip top.

I was 9


The capital of UAE is Abu Dhabi, while Dubai is the most famous Abu Dhabi is the capital.

Abu Dhabi

Major cities

The most major Non-Capital is Dubai, it is extremely luxurious and populated. Another notable city is Sharjah and Ras Al Khaima.

Major Agricultural PRoductS

Major Agricultural products include: Fish, Vegetables, Poultry, Citrus, and Mangoes. Most of the Emirate's products come from Ras al Khaima.

Important national days

The most notable National day is UAE day which is celebrated every December 2, it is when all the emirates joined. And most of the holidays are the same as the Arab country with examples like Eid, Ramadan and more.

The eNd


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