A Place Away A place for the understanding

our misson

all faults across the world in community are not being help here their are no falts

No requirement to come in any one can come

Our vision,

Are world is corrupt leaded by the rich fools. We live in a world where everything cost insane amount of money like health care, education, shelter, food, and clothing. We live in a world where one being judged because of beliefs, race, jobs, and how we look. We want to help make the people happy and save from all evil.


1. No forcing of any religion.

2. No lethal weapons aloud.

3.Schools are four days in a week Mondays off.

4. No cruel or unusual .

5. No pollution of any kind clean energy.

6. A group of leader not one leader

7. Respect every one and everything.

8. All food must be organic.

9. Free healthcare for all.

We are located in new zeland

The typical day,

9:00am Wake up

11:00am Work

5:00pm Get out of work

12:00am Sleep

Our government will be Democrat and republican.

We chose this because we want The choice in the people

The Unwelcome The unlucky rejoice is here.


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