My Business Plan by quinlyn canale

I'm going to be starting up a local coffee shop located near Nashoba that sells quality coffee that gets made quickly and doesn't cost a lot.

It will have a very comfortable and relaxing environment on the inside, but also offer a drive through for anyone in a hurry.

The target customer will be people going to school and work early in the morning, or anyone in need of some caffeine.

I will attract customers by posting on social media websites such as Twitter and Instagram. I will also rely on word of mouth by the students.

Competition will be Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and The Bolton Bean.

I want the products to be priced in an affordable range, from $1.50 for a small, $2 for a medium, and $2.50 for a large.

Advice I need: How can I make my store stand out from other coffee shops around? I can get that advice by talking to store managers

I will organize who will manage the store based on either asking people I think would be fit for the position, or by hiring someone who applies and would suit the job.

In order to produce the products, I need to keep in mind the price of the machinery, operating costs (price of building, paying employees), and the goods and supply price (cups, spoons, coffee beans, creamer)

I need about $10,000 to start the business and get all the supplies. It will take me about 10 months to make back what I put in for starting the business.

On average, I will get about 460 customers a month if about 15 people visit per day. With those 460 costumers, I will make about $1,900 per month if the average costumer spends $4.00 while at my coffee shop.

For Year One, I should make about $22,800, year two at $45,600, and year three at $68,400.

To start up this business, I plan on saving up $5,000, and then borrowing another $5,000 to have a total of $10,000 to start up the coffee shop.


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