Belgium CHris


Belgium is In the northern eastern hemisphere in the continent of Europe

Political map of Belgium

The capital of Belgium is Brussels and the coordinates are"4°e 50°n"

My country is a temperate zone hot summers and cold winters and 4 seasons and in between the Tropic of Cancer and Artic circle

Physical Features

Belgium is divided by the "valley of Meuse" The northwest is more leveled coast Los lands with shallow waters. Southern eastern of Belgium is occupied by the Ardennes


The population for Belgium is gigantic the population is 11 Million People and the world rank is 80 and the population density is 927 People per mile so its crowed

Belgium is growing at a average rate .258% per year

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and the biggest city in Belgium with 1.114 million people the second city is Antwerp with 461,580 people, 3rd city is gent East Flanders 232,961 people, 4th city Charleroi 201,223 people and 5th city liege 186,830 people and 96.35 % of Belgium is urban.

Gent East Flanders
Liege Belgium

More people are entering Belgium then leaving Belgium


Belgium is a developed country because the life expectancy is really high it's about 80 years that's pretty high and 99% of the population of 11 Milllion can read and write that incredible


The main languages spoken in Belgium are Dutch, French and German and the main religion is Roman Catholic (Includes protestant)

Works Cites

Culture in Belgium is spread all across Belgium no matter what they speak but the most difference is in between the Dutch speaking Flemish and the French speaker walloons

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