Florida Museum of Natural History The meaning of nature

February 18, 2017

The Butterfly Rainforest

Nature on Display

The Butterfly exhibit was appealing to me because we were able to view butterfly in its somewhat natural habitat. It was very appealing because it felt real, it felt like I was actually outside exploring in a rainforest. Trees were towering way above our heads. The high ceiling made it feel like it was not enclosed. The exhibit helped me realized that nature can thrive anywhere, indoor and outdoor. Butterflies where flying around and eating bananas and oranges. Small birds were also present and gave us a view on howe they interact in the natural world. This experience is much better than looking at a picture through a computer screen because I was able to see nature move instead of stand still.

Nature and Ethics

Leopold advocated people to appreciate the natural world rather than to utilize them for economic reasons. The museum provided somewhat a love for the natural world. It is difficult to say that it did not do so for economic reasons since it is a museum on campus that is only free for students. If the museum really wanted people to admire the land, then they would allow people to visit without payment. However, as I was walking through the museum, I felt that they did put in a lot of effort into the displays and information cards to teach us about the past. The visitors' age ranged from both end end of the spectrum; there were babies in strollers and elderly people in wheelchairs. They were both in awe of the exhibits. It goes to show that no matter your age, you will always find an interest for nature. The museum allowed us to connect with nature by including an outdoor rainforest. My experience at the museum did instill in me an ethical responsibility to perserve nature.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History Museum allows us to step out of our ordinary lives and experience the mystery and majesty of of the natural world. They do so by including displays of nature that we would rarely see on a day-to-day basis. Very few people would get to see a jellyfish underwater or a tropical rainforest frog. Though the jellyfish display is not real, it is still realistic enough that it makes people think that it is real. It help us understand that we are not the "conquerers of land". Instead , we play a mere part in a play called nature.

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