Distribution Day 2018 An inside look to the conclusion of the canned food drive.

By Amelia Wu

All Media // M-A Chronicle

M-A ended the successful canned food drive with distributing 265,000 pounds of canned food in addition to fresh produce distributed to local families.

Many leadership students and community members came around 6:00 am to unload the boxes of food.

What does the canned food drive mean to you?

“It’s a time where like M-A comes together and we go to places to raise food to give back to local places.” - Sonia Goyle, sophomore
Pictured: Olivia Sapp, Sonia Goyle, and Hannah Hendrickson pass out Can Food Drive yellow slips to Draeger customers to encourage them to support the cause.

Why do you can?

“To help the community, yeah you know, maybe some extra credit too, but overall to help and give back to our community.” Olivia Sapp, sophomore
After moving the boxes filled with produce and cans, volunteers then bag them as a package for the receiving families.

What's your favorite part of distribution day?

It's my first year at Distribution Day, but it's so much fun packing the bags and making them. -Chiara Cline and Kaci Wong, 9th grade
Produce bags that are one of the six bags that are given to families.
"I like how everyone comes together for it." - Sam Radar, sophomore
Bags are lined up to be ready for distribution. To add some fun, students threw fruit to others to make sure every bag had an equal number of food.
A variety of foods in different bags are distributed to families.

There are six bags in total, each bag with a category. This includes: meat/protein, eggs, bread, cans, fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables, and toilet paper/ toiletries.

Families wait as carts come out to distribute the food.
Annabel Baxter, Timothee Berthier, along with many other students help out with checking families in to see how much food they need.
"When you are distributing the bags to the families, it's nice to see how happy they are; my favorite part is the actual act of giving." - Daniel Cordoviz, sophomore
College Counselor Brad Ward helps out by directing cars to prevent any accidents.
Students that take out the food while being lead by families to help load the bags in cars or homes are referred to as "runners".
Students fold up cardboard boxes to recycle and help keep the space clean.

Cardboard boxes were reused and provided as a place to stand in between the countless number of bags as well as a way to store food.

Baylie Bofenkamp passes Sarah Taylor a box of lemons as a part of an assembly line to transfer food and make more space.
Mr. Amoroso gives out an emotional speech to all volunteers.
All of the volunteers who helped out with distribution day!

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