Social Anxiety

Symptoms: blushing, sweating, racing heart, trembling, shaking, nausea, urge to cry, and difficulty speaking

How it effects their daily lives: has social problems, has no friends, pushes away family, and has nobody to help them

Things that can cause/worsen Social Anxiety: Being in a dramatic event, having a relative who has a disorder, being divorced or widowed, being very shy during childhood, being poor, having high cortisol levels in the saliva, Eating/drinking caffeine, using tobacco or alcohol, and not getting help for the disorder

How she/he can get help: Psychological counseling, taking anti-depressants, or speaking skills

Our character is a teenager named Bridget. Her parents constantly fought all the time until they finally divorced. This caused Bridget to develop social anxiety disorder. She is very unsociable around everyone, including her family and her friend, Bailey. She also experiences dizziness, has a fast heart rate, and shakes when she is around people. No one knows that she suffers every day of her life, not even her parents.

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