Personal Legend Discovery & Exploration Of Self

Thesis // The book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho expresses the importance of finding your personal legend through perseverance in journey, stepping out of the preset path, and enjoying yourself along the way as seen in a wise novel, a bold slam poem, and an inspirational film.

Detail 1 // "They crossed the desert for another two days in silence. The alchemist had become much more cautious, because they were approaching the area where the most violent battles are being waged. As they moved along, the boy tried to listen to his heart" (Coelho 132).

Commentary // Similarly in The Odyssey by Homer perseverance was the key to success. The two pieces of text do not seem to relate much when only taken for their face value. To get a better understanding of how the two correlate one must dig deeper. In this case Santiago is listening to his heart as almost a coping method to try and avoid the thought of the negativity and the battles, as mentioned. This relates because Odysseus in The Odyssey does things he does not consider pure but keeps the thought of Penelope and Telemachus in his mind to avoid thinking of what he was doing was wrong. He uses the thought of his family in a very similar way to how Santiago uses his heart. They both think of said things as a justification.

Detail 2 // "One afternoon, on a visit to his family, he had summoned up the courage to tell his father that he didn't want to become a priest. That he wanted to travel" (Coelho 11).

Commentary // Likewise in a slam poem titled "Lost Voices" by Darius Simpson and Scout Bostley they are stepping out of a preset path. The two poets speak on a topic that could cause disagreement and controversy much like Santiago does when he gets the courage to tell his parents what he wants to do. The poem also steps out of more than one boundary which is why it was chosen for an example. The spoken word falls into the slam poem category which most people set restrictions and rules for. But in this case, the poets switch microphones in the beginning which adds to the point of the poem. They step out of so many boundaries created by others to explore themselves and the world around them, much like Santiago.

Detail 3 // ''"Drink and enjoy yourself," said the alchemist noticing the boy was feeling happier"' (Coelho 119).

Commentary // Much like The Alchemist the film The Bucket List created by Rob Reiner promotes being happy and enjoying yourself while also taking part in something you've always wanted to do. While Santiago always wanted to travel, as seen very early in the book, he still enjoyed himself while doing it. The Bucket List is also a great example as well because the two men in the movie go off on a quest to do everything they have ever wanted to do before they kick the bucket, hence the name Bucket List. The two are great examples for having perseverance and staying focused but still allowing yourself to have fun along the way.

Conclusion // As seen by The Odyssey, "Lost Voices", and The Bucket List a concurrence can be made that while finding your personal legend through perseverance, and courageousness is of great value , it is equally important to allow yourself breathing room to ensure a smooth ride through the miraculous journey we call life.

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