My goals vian polus

what I want to do is finish high school and be come what i want not others wants because it's there not choice it's mine. if they don't like it then that's not my problem its their if they jealous and to get the job i want and keep it until my life if it's good and give good money and because that's what we need now days. i'm gonna finish high school in 2019 with good credits and best diploma.

who I want to be is a pharmacist and when i want to see it in 2025, because thats's my dream job and i like to help people who are sick and have really bad disease especially the ones with heart disease and brain damage. help people in life is the best because god will except for what your are doing to other in you're life and why you helping them and how come you helping them he has all of these writing in his book about everyone when they going to die and what they going to do with their life. Being a pharmacist is a good job and it gives good money to make a life for myself and help my family when they need help when they get old in their life.

what i want to see is Italy and when i want to see it is in 2030, because it's out of America and it has lot of other stuff that American doesn't have. Italy stuff are better then American and they are poplar in pizza and spaghetti. i want to see it because i wanna go to the place where is got burned before christ which it's named was Pompeii where volcano killed them because of the stuff they did and how they were wrong about everything and i want to see their statue because they died because of the wrong stuff before christ.

what i want to have is a BMW x6 and i want to have in 2036. I want to have this car because it's fast and its looks nice and its pink i love the color pink. The car only have 2 doors and i like a car like that because i wont let anyone sit in my car only one so it doesn't get dirty and if anyone wants to come with me ill tell them to bring their own car because i want my car to be clean and not mess.

where i want to go is Paris and i want to go to Paris in 2040, because i want to be alone for couple months because i wanna thing about life and i don't want to anyone to bother me and i wanna travel because i wanna see different stuff in life and different food and different clothes and cars, how people live there life there and hows it's different from ours in American and what kinda school there are and how they different from here, how teacher treat student and what is allowed on school campus and whats not allowed.

why i wanna achieve these goals is because i wanna prove everyone and became what i want and do what i want in life and there is no one to stop me from doing those in life because it's my life and no theirs they can's tell me what to do in life because its my choice now a days not their and not to tell me what to do thats a big no for me.

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