How To Maketh a piece of Monstrosity Tis worse than HoMo sapiens using their Glass and metal , radiation producing devices whilst driving.

"Don't let your dreams be dreams... And your nightmares be nightmares" - Eden 2K17

Are you ready to make a monster, a monster that fits your definition. It has to have at least 3 functions and movements? Well that is what we are doing."I see, I see" you say, but do you really 'see' what we are doing. Yes? Well well well three holes in the ground. Let's get on with it.

A monster for me would be something that can cut out all of the lights (EMP, illegal) cannot be seen in pure darkness but you see eyes light up red. Make lights turn on (tesla coil). It would have to be something that is not living like a doll but it's head moves or does some creepy stuff


This lady with the red hair is a feminist. All she says are lies. She has said that 90% of rapes are not reported. But how did they get that information? Obviously the people have spoken about being raped a.k.a reported being raped. So if no one said they were raped, that means they would know that 100% of rapes were reported. This does not make sense to me.

Nothing is impossible, you can get around everything, you just need to question.

Case Studies:

Movie monsters. They look realistic but are really not. Behind the scenes is where you get to see the magic behind them. One FAMOUS movie is Jaws and it's trio of mechanical sharks. Another one is Jurassic Park and it's mechanical marvels.

The yes and no's

We are having a time trying to figure out how to stop a tesla coil from destroying the nearby electronics in the doll. We have so far come up with an idea to use metal mesh to create a faraday cage.

Do the doll. My monster

My monster: we are creating a baby doll monster. It is pure evil and just wants to mess with you by destroying your phone, flickering lights and straight up scaring you. The genre of film it would fit into would be HORROR.

Personality and movement: It is pure evil and just wants to mess with you by destroying your phone, flickering lights and straight up scaring you. It would fit into horror movies especially Anablelle.

Appearance: It is a skin colour baby doll made of plastic. We are going to use a tesla coil, little bits, led lights, motor, servo, battery.

Functions: our monster will have flickering red eyes, head able to turn 360 degrees, arm able to move 90 degrees, tesla coil, and it will be able to move around on the floor.

Reasoning: I have chosen a baby because I think it is scary. We have put a small rc car under its legs so it is hidden. The tesla coil is out of a horror movie because it can turn on lights. I have chosen to put it in it arm that moves up and down 90 degrees. Red sues because they are scary. Twisting head because why not. Speaker to drag you into the scene. Basically to make the baby laugh.

Film genre: It fits into horror because it has the robotics of other dolls in horror movies like anabelle (twisting head).


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