Grace Wininger Student introduction

This is my dog Buddy, he is 10 years old now, very protective and caring(:

This is a picture with my siblings and close family friends (the Thomases). On the far left is Adam(18), then Anna(15), then Allison(21) in the striped sweater. Beside Allison is my sister Jessica(20), then there's me(17) and then on the far right is my brother Grant(14).

This is my other dog Baby, she is very energetic and hyperactive.

This is my cat Sunshine, she is basically the same color as my hair and one time she got stuck inside our wall.

This is a cute baby picture on the left is Adam and then on the right is me. The Thomases are basically a second family to me.

Here is another picture of sunshine she likes to sleep on my bed a lot

Here are a lot of pictures with some close friends. Some are from last year with my track team. I am still a part of track and run all three relays.

These are more pictures from track last year and the year before, the girls were district champs.

This is my full family on my moms side without some distant relatives.

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