Seedlings of Faith compiled by UN environment, august 2018

In Kenya, some 140 km southeast of Nairobi, a small group of volunteers is beginning to change mindsets and take action to restore a semi-arid landscape.

Their idea is to grow seedlings for transplanting to a 1.6-hectare plot within a primary school compound and at the same time provide hands-on education to pupils, their parents and teachers.

Ndemiu primary school in Makueni County has 108 pupils, a nearby water source, sufficient land for tree-planting, as well as the support of parents, teachers and the local community. They have just created seedbeds for about 20 species of trees.

Breaking ground for the seedbeds.

A small reservoir 500 metres from the school.

Jack Muruingi, team leader of Mission Concern Association

Women do all the hard work carrying water from the reservoir for the seedbed!

Ndemiu pupils learn about the tree-planting drive.

The school has 108 pupils aged 7-13. Here they help prepare the seedbeds.

Hands-on learning.

The advice of Mwasi (centre), a local Kenya Forest Service official, is vital.

Seedbeds are prepared with Mwasi's advice.

Watering the seedbeds using water from a nearby reservoir.

Around 1,000 seeds with 20 tree varieties are planted in the seedbeds.

Interest is considerable and the local community is involved.

A good start.

All photos by Jack Muriungi and Policop Kavosi

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