Sacrifice/sacrificial Love

Universal theme: sometimes you have to let go of the thing you love because made so many sacrifices even though how much you tried.

Of mice and men

It has always been them both together and never separated. Without George by lennies side he would of never been some what free. Some sacrifices George has made is sticking up for lennie and helping him get out of situations.

A sacrifice George has to to proceed with is killing lennie his best friend, but it is better then being sent to an asylum treated horrible and beaten. George felt he should kill lennie himself because if he was sent to the asylum or killed by Curley' then he would regret it and then with have gilt all his life like candy because he could of chose to kill his own dog but couldn't go through with it.

The next sacrifice is in the story tularecito. A baby found by a drunk and thrown because of its looks. Then franklin Gomez went and brought the baby. Mr. Gomez had to sacrifice tularecito because he is a dangerous kid and yes he would of liked to adopt him and keep him but he might one day kill someone and that is too much of a risk.

The chrysanthemums

Elisa had to sacrifice her chrysanthemum seeds. She was irritated but once the tinker says she has some nice chrysanthemums her mood suddenly changes. That's not what really happened she was sacrificing her relationship with her husband and was really thought of the modern house wife.

This is an outside example of mothers they always sacrifice themselves. My mom doesn't do this because she is hardly sick and me myself but i know that she would sacrifice her time just for me either to get a food I like at the grocery store or to hang out with my best bud mi hermano.

Sacrifices not only benefits yourself but may benefit the other.

This really tought me to appreciate how much is done and to also try to make the best out of a sacrifice if it is bad.

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