THINK Jazz Jazz piano lessons that fit you, whatever your ability.

Now Providing Remote Lessons!

Whether you are a teacher, student or someone who plays for fun; 'Think Jazz' lessons will open your mind to new possibilities that will add value to your music performance in any style.

Al Gurr is an experienced session musician, coach and producer who also teaches at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. He has a very different approach to coaching where he focuses on the way you think as a musician as well as teaching and exploring new skills that are relevant to your creativity or teaching.

For Students

Do you want to play great chords but are baffled by the complexity?

Using the unique method based on simple hand shapes based on the book "Read This If You Want To Play Great Piano Chords" by Al Gurr, you can quickly unlock the complexity and apply this to your own music making.

For Teachers

The coaching style along with a unique harmony technique will offer a new insight into your own playing which can also apply it to your own students.

£20 for 1/2 hour

£30 per hour

Please Email Al Gurr to book a call.

07940 730646