Uglies by scott westerfeld

The overall place in section 1 of my book is a town and island called Uglyville and New Pretty Town. I imagine Uglyville as a technologically advanced town with big buildings and parks, like modern day New York, but more technology. I imagine New Pretty Town as a very colorful and also technologically advanced party town. I see it with colorful lights flashing everywhere and big mansions and loud music all over. I also see the rivers shore as whit sand connecting the two towns with a series of strong gray bridges.

The specific locations so far are, Tally's Dorm Room, the Garbo Mansion, and The Rusty Ruins. Tally's dorm room is completely made up of screens for walls and ceilings with a normal floor. She has a customized wall paper on the screens though, and a normal bed, everything else the screens hold for her. The Garbo Mansion is in New Pretty Town and is giant, bright and very very loud. It is a beautiful mansion turned into a party house. The Rusty Ruins are where the Rusties used to live, it is made of giant metal buildings and has decay and wreck everywhere.

My novel takes place in the future. The author doesn't tell us this but you can guess because of the fact that everything is so technologically advanced. They refer to us now, as the Rusties, people who ruined the earth. We had not enough technology and used to much metal. I imagine it to be a very easy life, but very organized. Everyone has a place to be at a certain time, and it could get lonely.

The environment in my book is very healthy with lots of plant life but no animal life. There is a river stopping an island and the mainland from connecting. There are hills that go farther up into the peaceful mountains. The weather is almost always good, it barely ever rains and is warm. I imagine it would be very fun to explore all of the areas in this peice of land.

It is pretty crowded but everyone is separated so no one area is to full. In one area there are people around 10-15 called uglies, who are normal. Then you have New Pretty Town which is pretty crowded with 16-20 year olds who have had surgery to become perfect. The Rusty Ruins are empty, no one lives there.

They use objects like a bungee suit, which gives you the ability to bungee from anywhere, Tally uses one to escape the Garbo Mansion. They also have rooms made of screens, they use these screens to make characters of what they may look like after the surgery. Another thing they have are hover boards which fly over metal without touching the ground. An interface ring is something that they wear that makes all the technology work for them.

The overall mood of my book is futuristic, and hopeful. Futuristic because of how advanced everything is in this society. Hopeful because everyone is excited and can't wait to become pretty, especially in Uglyville. Another mood is isolated, because they all have their own rooms and seem pretty alone most of the time in Uglyville, also the Rusty Ruins is abandoned and has no one to live there. Happiness is always shown in New Pretty Town though, because all they do is party.

The setting is a very big part of this book so far. Because all of the towns are separated Tally can't be with her friend who has already turned pretty. This causes her to sneak out, which is how she meets Shay. Shay convinces her to go to the Rusty Ruins, which is where Tally discovers a whole new side of herself and her society.


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