My life Margherita Fincato

My Life

My name is Margherita Fincato and I am almost eleven years old.

I was born in Lugano in Swizerland on the 17th October 2005.

I lived in Lugano even if my parents are from Milan.

I go to Instituto Leonardo Da Vinci and my favorite subjects are art and tecnology .

My hobbies are violin, this is my 6th year of playing the violin, karate, drawing, dancing, reading and shopping with my friends.

My favourite thing to eat is dark chocolate . I like alot donuts, cupcake and marschmellow

I like the character pusheen the cat.


I alsow like the squishy

This year I am doing karate with Francesca and Joanna.

My best friend are Eleonora Poli, Ludovica, Chiara, Ksenia, Francesca, Joanna and Madaleine.

Joanna, Ele.P, Ludovica, Francesca and me

My family

We are a family of three people : my mum, my dad and me.

My dad is a very kind person, he is always so funny and he always play with me. He works at the BSI bank.

My mum is very kind, she always help me when I need some help, and she always has the solution for everything. She works in a company of brokerage called Alma insurance Broker SA.

We like to travel and last year we went to Maldives , this year maybe we will go to the safari in Africa.

I have two aunts und two uncles, two grandma, six cousins and my little twin cousins are in the second grade.

I love my family because my family is unique and because they are so special and I love them like that and I would not change them for anything in the world.


Me and my family like holidays and we like to travel and soon as we can we take a plane and we go around the world. We like to go to the sea, such as to the Maldives or to the Bahamas.


My dad doesn't like to fly with the plane but he like to go on holidays, so normally he tries not to be scared.

We like the American park and Universal studios in Los Angeles.

A city that I like a lot is London. When I am older I would like to study in London.

I would like to go to Africa for a safari.

Univesal studios

My role model

The person that I admire the most is my mum, my dad and Nadia Comaneci.

Nadia Comaneci in an athlete that at the Olympics game at Montreal in the 1976 she had the perfect ten in the parallel . She come from Romania .

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