Piano and Polka exploration of music in streetcar named desire

References to the polka music in streetcar named desire

The polka music plays at various points in A Streetcar Named Desire, when Blanche is feeling remorse for Allen’s death.

Scene one is where the polka music is first introduced Stanley asks Blanche about her marriage and the music triggers her thoughts from that night.

Blanches associates Polka with her young husband's suicide. Blanche and her husband were dancing the polka when she lashed out at him for his homosexual behavior, and he left the dance floor and shot himself. Music is played when she is reminded her past in general. Polka is only played in Blanche's mind.

In this scene it shows the music being played in Blanche's mind again. No one can hear it but her. After the shot is heard the music always stops to indicate that everything she once desired is gone and they're now separated.

a tiny "Blue Piano" sounds in a bar around the corner from Stanley and Stella's apartment. The "Blue Piano" plays as Blanche arrives at Alysian Fields, most played when she recounts the deaths at Belle Reve (Scene 1), while she kisses the young man from the newspaper (Scene 5) and when the Doctor leads her away to the asylum (Scene 11). "The distant piano goes into a hectic breakdown" (105). As they're taking Blanche away its like a celebration occurring.

The barely audible "blue piano" begins to drum up louder. The sound of an approaching locomotive"

Also the "blue piano " music is added in the scene with blanch getting raped by stanley. The music from the "Blue Piano . Williams uses this to add to how dramatic the scene really was.


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